The Math Pups …  



Steve and I are the proud “parents” of 3 beautiful Shetland Sheepdogs:    

Bonferroni (Froni) is the baby.    

We brought Froni home on Saturday, April 6, 2013 when he was exactly 3 months old.  He is by far the largest of our shelties and he will chew/destroy anything (including shoes, iPad cables, umbrellas, yarn, magazines, cardboard, books, leashes, . . .)!  He also likes to howl – just like a coyote.  He is very much a mama’s boy and never wants to leave his yard/home.

Bonferroni was named by Allan Rossman, for Carlos Emilio Bonferroni, a 20th century Italian mathematican whose name is attached to the Bonferroni correction and the Bonferroni inequalities.  He started out as a musician (he studied both conducting and piano) at the conservatory in Tuin.  His works include publications in acturial mathematics, probability and statistics, analysis, geometry, and rational mechanics.

More Froni pictures.


We  adopted Merkle (formerly known as Merlin) in January 2014.  He is a beautiful blue merle sheltie born July 21, 2006.  Merkle was a little overweight when he joined the family, but he’s nice and svelte now.  We did have to treat him for Lyme disease but he seems to have recovered nicely.

He is the sweetest sheltie you could ever meet – and is quite a couch potato.  He’s also very, very attached to his mommy – he refuses to leave my side.  Merkle is named for current Berkeley computer scientist, Dr. Ralph Merkle.  He is the inventor of public key cryptography.  More Merkle pictures

  Tukey joined the family March 20th, 2005. He was born January 16th and was the tiniest in a litter of seven.  He is absolutely the best puppy in the world!!! He is so well behaved and loves everyone (he worshiped the ground Thagy walked on!).  At seven months he weighed only 10.2 lbs and full grown he’s about 15 lbs.  Tukey has turned into a “retriever” sheltie as his favorite pasttime is to chase his plush toy – continuously.  If it were up to him, he’d never stop.

Tukey was also named by Allan Rossman, for John Tukey, a 20th century statistician who is credited with (among other things) my favorite plot — the stem-and-leaf plot, as well as fast Fourier transforms, and the terms “bit” and “software”.

More Tukey pictures


Trig (Trigonometry), was an adorable Sheltie puppy, born April 21, who joined the pack July 8th, 2000. He was by far the sweetest of our boys.   

 He was less energetic than Tukey, and usually just a little larger (17 lbs), but he was awfully cute and cuddly.  Trig had dermatomyositis, but seemed to outgrow it.  Trig’s tail never stopped, and he generally demanded to be petted by any available hand – continuously!  Trig survived until he was 16.25, on July 18, 2016, but he was very frail for the last year.  During that last year we called him the “Energizer Bunny” because he just kept going, no matter what.

More Trig pictures

   Thagy (a.k.a. Pythagoras) was our alpha sheltie.

He was a beautiful male sheltie born on Christmas Eve, 1999, and joined our family March 18th, 2000.  Steve called him our “hard-working sheltie dog” because Thagy was always busy!  He was extremely clever, and loved people, shoes, paper, and other animals.  He showed us many times that there was nothing he couldn’t destroy by chewing.  In November of 2008, Thagy had surgery to remove his spleen because he developed a large lymphoma there.  He then had about 6 months of chemotherapy, but recovered nicely.  Two years later, the lymphoma returned and Thagy went through chemotherapy again – successfully!  In October 2010, he was given a second clean bill of health, and on Dec. 24, he turned 13!  The vets were all stunned as most dogs do not survive a first occurrence of lymphoma for two years, and it is extremely rare to complete a second round of chemotherapy.

Thagy began showing his age and lost a lot of muscle mass in his hind quarters, but he remained top dog and ran the house until the end.  We had to let him go April 1, 2013, but he will always be our miracle dog.

More Thagy pictures


 Our Collies

Blaze and Shep were our collie twins who blessed our lives for almost 12 years.   They were born January 28, 1992.

 We called Shep our “obnoxious dog” because he had no fear, thought he owned the house, and generally demanded our time and attention whenever he wanted it.  There is nothing quite like having a 90 lb dog sit on your lap!   He suffered from fairly severe arthritis and eventually became unable to stand or walk.  We lost Shep November 3, 2003.

Blaze was our “small” collie — he weighed a mere 70 lbs.  He was scared of his own shadow and consequently barked at everything that moved.  He was a sharp-looking collie and who was very sweet.  We lost Blaze only 2 weeks before Shep, on October 18, 2003.

JB  (Johann Sebastian Bach) was our first dog.  He was a collie with an amazingly sweet personality.  He was with us for 9 years (1991-2000).  Though he was ill most of his life with various auto-immune diseases and nerve disorders caused by dermatomyositis, he was wonderfully tolerant and patient, and he loved all creatures — especially other dogs and children.


More Pictures of the collies          

Collies in Action          

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