Math 246: Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation

Spring 2017
Tentative Schedule    

Date   Topic  Notes   Assignment 
2/2 (Th)  Introduction; Fractals; Powerpoint directions     Fractal_1   Fractals_HW1
2/7 (T)  Fractal dimensions; The Chaos Game  (Maple_zipped_ST) Fractals_2   Fractals_HW2
2/9 (Th)  The Chaos Game and Fractalina Fractals_3   Fractals_HW3
2/14 (T)  Changing Magnifications and Rotations   Rotatte_and_Magnify_Maple Fractals_4 Fractals_HH4
2/16 (Th)  Fractal Unit Project
2/21 (T)  Intro to Cryptology
2/23 (Th)   Transpositions and Substitutions
2/28 (T)  Shift Ciphers
3/2 (Th)  Decimation Ciphers
3/7 (T)  Affine Ciphers
3/9 (Th)
3/14 (T)  Cryptology Unit Project
3/16 (Th)   Intro to Game Theory
3/20-3/25        Spring Break
3/28 (T)  Dominance and Saddle Points
3/30 (Th)  Method of Equalizing Outcomes
4/4 (T)  War Games
4/6 (Th)  Game Theory Unit Project
4/11 (T)  Graph Coloring
4/13 (Th)   Welsh-Powell Algorithm
4/18 (T)  Euler Paths and Circuits
4/20 (Th)
4/27 (Th)
5/2 (T)
5/4 (Th)
5/9 (T)